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Rainy day @rair_philly

Excavator filming #bryanzanisnik at #rair for the last installment at #ica50

Bryan Zanisnik First day at work #ica50 #revolutionrecovery #officecubicle #

Yo, hey Nick Cave.

Van Tingley and Jackson Durham of Metal Eyes!

Mary Ellen Carroll and Billy Dufala’s project rocked. Waste Music: Festival of Metal looked great in the galleries. 

Check it out if you couldn’t make it to the opening. 

Woodpecker In the studio!!!

More Shred Fest with Jon Shapiro. #RAIR in collaboration with #mecstudios for #ica50 @RAIR_PHILLY @datagrdn

Waste Festival: metal on metal

Shred fest was epic! #ica50 #revolutionrecovery #rair

Billy D and Mary Ellen Carroll are getting ready for the crazy ShredFest

MEC is the second artist in residence working at RAIR for the ICA50 exhibition.